TGRR006 Dirch Blewn - Condensations and FusingsThis album is a record of doings, a fusion of unrelated acts. Playing with volcanic
fragments on a windswept landscape in Iceland, performing with drying seaweed and lighthouse bell in a hole in the rocks on the coast in Anglesey, recording builders through a long steel pipe on Deptford Creek, blowing into dead Dad’s mouth organ. released 19th february 2021.

Tracklisting & Field Notes:

  1. Cyclical Impulse Circuitry & Slow Swimming Dogs Field recording of moving small stones, Kolugljùfur Iceland Ciat Lonbarde Plumbutter, Rollz 5, Sidrax
  2. Forcing Air Down a Small Pipe Field recording inside a steel tube, Deptford Creek
    Wire blowing in wind & tapping against steel railing, Deptford Ciat Lonbarde Sidrax, Phasi
  3. Relationships Amongst Unrelated Actions Moving stones in a cave in Anglesey, Wales
    Recording of dead Dads wind chimes, Ciat Lonbarde Rollz 5, Nord micromodular, walnuts, corten steel offcuts
  4. Rotational Orbit Spin Ciat Lonbarde Plumbutter, Rollz 5, Cocoquantus, Sidrax, Phasi, Walnuts
  5. This Body of Earth Recording of mains hum inside a fuse cupboard Violin, Ciat Lonbarde Rollz 5, Sidrax, Cocoquantus
  6. Dispersal Arrangement Field recording of seed heads blowing in Anglesey, Wales Recording of dead dads garden sculpture, Nord micromodular, Ciat Lonbarde Rollz 5
  7. A Hole in the Ground by the Sea Field recording of seaweed drying, Penmon lighthouse, Anglesey, Wales Performance on Ciat Lonbarde Phasi in same location
  8. The Trajectory of Objects Through Space & TimeTwo Revox A77’s connected, dead dads harmonica, small gong, Nord micromodular, stones, bamboo drum, rubber ball, six prepared music box mechanisms.



A Closer Listen: “As implied by Sean Curtis Patrick’s cover linocut, the presence of water is inescapable, bearing the symbolism of passage.  A secondary theme is carried from chime to garden sculpture to gong.    By “A Hole in the Ground by the Sea,” the reverent, measured tempo suggests a Buddhist procession.  Disorganized thoughts and objects have found new order, discarded instruments new life.  Soon something has changed in the mourner, and by extension, in the listener as well.  We continue to carry our loved ones with us via totem and thought; the stream of time may bear them away, but the river of memory brings them back.”