TGRR003-sleeve-final-LOSteiner has integrated electric guitar loops, eBow, laptop and field recordings to create a record which explores the sounds of people occupying space with kneaded guitar harmonies and electro-magnetic waves. The resulting work retains a melancholic heart, fed by diverse, sometimes contradictory, sources of inspiration, such as nocturnal city walks, the progress and loss of time, routines and improvisation, swimming in the morning and impressions of Japan. Fed by a longing for repetition, this album presents an overwhelming, almost tangible craving for clarity and purity built in surroundings overwhelmed by a chronic sensory overload. released 17 february 2014.

1. topography/hiro (I)
2. a longing for repetition (V)
3. the opposite of now (IV)
4. i seem to glimpse you in every window (II)
5. a comfortable aloofness (III)
6. every instance of either/or is replaced by an and (VI)
7. unsettling (evening, before bedtime) (VII)


Monolith Cocktail: “…Sequenced or rather blurrily defined, each drifting soundscape bleeds into the next. Each one of the seven palatial sketches exudes a lovely melodic quality (a kind of mellower, more lush, Ambient Works II), and exudes a certain sensitivity.”

Clicky Clicky: “…Each of the seven tracks contained therein gorgeously swell with gently modulating guitar samples that cycle in and out of perception like so many ocean waves. The compositions are virtually edgeless and form a lush, connected suite that would play perfectly as a score to emotional scenes from a futuristic sci-fi romance.”

DJ Cull: “…the aural equivalent of a Haruki Murakami novel – you’re not entirely sure where the journey is taking you, and ultimately it raises more questions than it answers, but it’s an engrossing experience that you’ll want to repeat.”

Igloo Magazine: “The swell and romance of these washing, echoing tracks left a strong and lasting impression, a feeling of needing to revisit and rethink them. You want to listen to these tracks burr and turn and repeat. It is night music, the sound of looking out from comfort and quiet onto something immense and full and busy.” “…A remarkable cover that includes a remarkable album… Seven tracks blend in to one continuous, cinematic 35 minute mix.”

Dark Entries (translation): “This is also excellent music to sleep around, and we mean that as a compliment. “