tgrr001-summer-in-the-boxroom-loWith his first release on The Glass Reservoir Record, Benjamin Shaw has given us something rather special: Half an hour of slapped, strangled and sweetly caressed tape-hiss. Sometimes, good things come from claustrophobic summers.

  1. A Dramatic Title
  2. Trouble at Mill
  3. Onions in Yer Eyes
  4. Oh Jesus, Close the Curtains
  5. Ms. Chlorphenamine
  6. Oh Jesus, Shut the Blinds
  7. All Meithered, Me
  8. Milk


Right Where You Are Sitting Now: “…a challenge to the array of tedious, predictable piano ballads, TV On The Radio wannabes and ululating, beatific fakes that are seemingly everywhere you turn.”

DJ Cull: “This is definitely an album that rewards solitariness – listen to it staring out the window of a train, or alone in a dimly lit room, and immerse yourself in the world that Shaw has created.”

Gold Flake Paint: “…All the while the music hints at some great feeling of joy, so nearly celebratory and jubilant, and by virtue of being that close to a feeling of total bliss, instead it becomes heart-wrenching.”

Norman Records: “A splendid mix of discordant electronica and broken acoustics that both soothes and unnerves at the same time.”