TGRR001 – Benjamin Shaw – Summer in the Box Room



With his first release on The Glass Reservoir Record, Benjamin Shaw has given us something rather special: Half an hour of slapped, strangled and sweetly caressed tape-hiss. Sometimes, good things come from claustrophobic summers.

A Dramatic Title
Trouble at Mill
Onions in Yer Eyes
Oh Jesus, Close the Curtains
Ms. Chlorphenamine
Oh Jesus, Shut the Blinds
All Meithered, Me


Physical –  Ltd Edition of 50 handmade CDs (pre-order sold out / now only available at Norman Records)



Right Where You Are Sitting Now: “…a challenge to the array of tedious, predictable piano ballads, TV On The Radio wannabes and ululating, beatific fakes that are seemingly everywhere you turn.”

DJ Cull: “This is definitely an album that rewards solitariness – listen to it staring out the window of a train, or alone in a dimly lit room, and immerse yourself in the world that Shaw has created.”

Gold Flake Paint: “…All the while the music hints at some great feeling of joy, so nearly celebratory and jubilant, and by virtue of being that close to a feeling of total bliss, instead it becomes heart-wrenching.”

Norman Records: “A splendid mix of discordant electronica and broken acoustics that both soothes and unnerves at the same time.”