David Bloor is an artist and musician based in Deptford, London. His work includes installations, performance and recordings under the name ‘Dirch Blewn’. He works with kinetic sculpture, analog assemblage, modular synthesisers, recent work is all over the films of Director Andrew Kötting. 

website / bandcamp

Rupert Lally From Brighton, but now based in Switzerland, Rupert has been blending electro – acoustic ambient soundscapes  with synthwave, glitch and a host of other genres over a diverse set of releases since 2006. More recently he’s become known for creating soundtracks to both classic novels and his own fiction.  Bandcamp

Darren Hayman An English musician, best known as the lead singer and guitarist in Hefner. Since Hefner disbanded in 2002, he has embarked on a solo career and has released ten albums. He also owns a collection of synthesizers…

website / soundcloud

steiner / stijn hüwels From Belgium. A self-taught musician who has been experimenting with sounds and instruments for a long time before actually sharing the results.

bandcamp / soundcloud

fiocz Born in Genova,  lives in Zürich. He create frequencies, noises and sound disorders with modular synthesizers. His work is based on sonic accidents, random modulations and unforeseen ground loops.

website / soundcloud

Benjamin Shaw Born in Canada, raised in Blackpool and beaten by London, Benjamin Shaw is on his last legs. Again. bandcamp / soundcloud