Fiocz-SC-final-LO//Fiocz has taken a series of field recordings from his work life, home life and the surrounding environments and blended them with his modular synthesizer, bit crushing and resampling into “Social Cognition”. Release: 29 april 2013

  1. (intro)
  2. Subtyping
  3. Integer
  4. Dysophoria
  5. Drosophila
  6. Disjunction (featuring Zenjungle)
  7. Monoid
  8. Hypnagogia (featuring Joaquin Mendoza)
  9. Apperceptive
  10. (outro)


God Is In The TV – ” //Fiocz’s social cognitive movements crackle and pop with numerous bit crushing and reverb sonorous effects; constantly flickering between bouncing particles and off-kilter glitches. 3.5/5″

7 Bit Arcade – “The creativity at work here makes it utterly engaging. In fact, the unfamiliar palette of noises is, in itself, extremely playful, with clicks skipping from one channel to another and drones dropping out unexpectedly. It’s through this playfulness that the album avoids falling into any clichés, the music pre-empting any expectation of the listener and avoiding it.”

Clicky Clicky   “Indeed, Fiocz’s tracks convey their own odd sense of groove that frames patient, shaded ambient drones…  recalls elements of the work of electronic producers such as Squarepusher and Lawrence”

DJ Cull – “Fiocz has created a stuttering, glitchy record that accurately reflects the paranoia and angst of modern living. ”