TGRR005 Marine Life (HI)A musical cousin of Rupert’s recent albums, “Strange Systems” and “Lost To The Past”, “Marine Life” finds him seamlessly blending acoustic and electronic sources into a suite of ambient pieces about the ocean and all those who dwell both above and below the waves. released 21st september 2020. 


1) Deceptively Calm
2) Full Sail
3) High Speed Crossing
4) Shimmering Waves
5) Marine Life
6) The Diving Bell

Also available from Norman Records



Further Evidence: “…Swiss-based electronic artist Rupert Lally’s latest album, Marine Life, also concerns itself with the sea, perhaps representing an emotive, wistful nod in the direction of his childhood growing up in Brighton. Across six deeply ambient pieces, Lally evokes both the calm quietude and intense volatility of the water. Taking together processed, degraded samples of orchestras and overlaying those with choral samples and plaintive synth accents, Lally has assembled a suite of sounds that drift gently between the acoustic and the electronic. 

Monolith Cocktail: “…Less Jacques Cousteau and more a blend of Kosmische glide, Vangelis and Arthur C. Clarke’s Cradle, the marine life in this case is mysteriously majestic, supernatural and even alien. It’s an album of synthesized nature, of refracted light play and the aural senses. Lally creates a great scenic soundtrack to re-launch a quality, unassuming, label.”